3 Places in Your Home You Shouldn’t Forget During Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and so has the urge to clear things out, dust off what winter left behind, and make room for new things. Whether it’s tackling a lengthy landscaping project or organizing your basement after the winter holidays, most of us have tasks on our spring cleaning list that have to get done. Cleaning out the dust from your vents, wiping down the blinds on your windows, and washing your windows are all probably on your list, but what about the places in your home that go unnoticed when doing your chores? We have three places in your home that you should never forget about when going through your spring cleaning check list.


Mattresses – Your bed is somewhere you sleep every night, whether its spring or fall, so cleaning it should be on your priority list, right? Mattresses and box springs are one of the most overlooked places in your home that you should be giving some extra TLC this year. The common belief about mattresses is that because the bed is covered by linens most of the time means that it never gets dirty, which is very far from the truth. Bacteria, crumbs, dust, and allergens can get stuck in a mattress throughout the year, so it’s important to add refreshing your bed to your spring cleaning checklist. Start by stripping your bed of all linens and washing them in hot water. If you have the space, move your mattress outside on a balcony or porch so that it can properly air out. If you’re unable to do this, you can scatter baking soda on your mattress, let it sit for an hour, and vacuum it off to help freshen it up. If it’s possible, flip and rotate your mattress to help even the wear as well.


Drains – Cleaning out the drains in your kitchen and bathroom may not seem like a spring cleaning task, but it’s important to keeping your plumbing healthy. Often times, drains are dealt with when they are clogging, but making regular drain maintenance a priority is essential to keeping your home in tip-top shape. Depending on the age of your home and its plumbing, keeping an eye on your drains is something that should happen more frequently than when it’s clogged so you can catch issues before they pop up. Start by using a spiked drain cleaning tool to grab any debris that has built up in the drain. Once you’ve cleared out the buildup with the spiked drain cleaning tool, use a liquid drain cleaner to help rid your pipes of anything left behind.


Washing Machine – This may seem a little strange, but washing the inside of your washing machine is one of the most overlooked places when spring cleaning. Regardless of its job, your washing machine can have plenty of harmful germs, mildew, bacteria, and other buildup inside of it from cleaning your dirty clothes. Not only is this a great spring cleaning task to check off your list, but it can also help to improve the brightness of your colored and white clothes as well. Regardless of if you have a front or top-loading washer, cleaning the inside of your machine can be as simple as putting it through a large cycle with hot water, vinegar, or another cleaning agent. Once the cycle is over, putting your machine through a rinse cycle and wiping out the inside with a paper towel can help to get rid of all the buildup it has accumulated.


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